Rhino System Extended Warranty

Rhino System Extended Warranty

200.00 excl. VAT


The Rhino System Extended Warranty will cover your Rhino System for life. It will include all the products which you add to your Rhino System. These items can be ARC II, SLIDER, FOCUS, MOTOR, and CARRY CASE.

The money-back-guarantee period will be extended to 30 days (instead of the standard 14 days).

Includes free return shipping on repairs within the EU. This warranty does not apply to (x): products you purchase from other resellers; (y): where the instructions for use and activation of the product are not complied with; or (z): where the product is damaged as a result of normal wear & tear, accidental damage, abuse, unauthorized modification or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Extended Warranty product must be purchased at the same time as the initial related product that it applies to. Other products which might be purchased and added to your system later will be also covered under warranty. (For example, purchasing a Focus unit later after purchasing an ARC II with an Extended Warranty will automatically extend the Focus’s warranty.)

Extended Warranty products are non-refundable after the 14-day money-back guarantee period is over.