• Introduced the ability to set up to 5 keyframes
  • The Fast Focus feature has been removed and replaced with the ability to set multiple keyframes
  • Auto shutdown has been defaulted to 4 hours (this means no user input and no move in progress) and no longer has a menu option
  • Several menu options have had their layouts adjusted
  • System level ramping updated from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
  • Move to Start and Edit Keyframes now follows the travel path of the move
  • If a movement is canceled and then restarted (different than pause/resume), it will continue its move to the most recent target keyframe before returning to Start
  • If you back out of editing a keyframe without setting a new point, all axis will return to the previously set keyframe
  • Cleaned up some menu bugs within Advanced Timelapse mode that could allow an invalid duration and/or interval to be set.
  • The app has been updated to support setting up to 5 keyframes within a Video Mode move
  • Fixed a number of bugs within the app related to setting up and running a move
  • Please note that Time Lapse moves are not supported within the app

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